3D Fever - A movie that can be seen in 3D, however those who see it in 2D have pretty much the same experience.

3D Denaturation - After prolonged viewing of a 3D movie, you "get used" to the 3D effects and don't really notice them any more.  This is usually due to the lack of "popping out" effects in a 3D film.

Second-Hand Embaressment - When viewing a film, and the character does something extremely stupid or embaressing, you fell their embaressment.  A great example is I, Love You Man (2009).  (Thanks to lpjhjdh for this term.)

Reviewers Stigma - A Reviewer is afraid to give a movie a good review because of the effects it may have on his/her career if they do.  For instance, a lot of reviews on The Da Vinci Code (2006) gave it a bad review because they didn't want to offend their Christian readers.